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Shah-Schulman Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology

Research Interests

Current research interests include:

  • monomolecular films, foams
  • wettability and contact angle
  • microemulsions, liquid crystals
  • enhanced oil recovery
  • combustion of coal dispersions in oils and aqueous media
  • surfactant-polymer interactions
  • lubrication and surface phenomena in magnetic media
  • preparation of nano particles using microemulsions
  • Synthesis of ordered mesoporom materials using template soil-crel method
  • Synthesis of silica supported catalysts for various organic transformation
  • enhanced filtration of viruses and nano particles by surface modification of filters
  • enzymatic reactions in micellar
  • microemulsion and liquid-crystalline systems
  • surface phenomena in membranes, lungs, vision, transdermal drug delivery and anesthesia
  • nano particles for detoxification of blood
  • Nanomedicine